Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

HWAP is a federally funded, a low-income residential energy assistance program that reduces the energy use of qualified households throughout the state of Ohio. HW AP services may include the following:

  • Attic, sidewall, and basement crawlspace insulation
  • Blower door guided primary air leakage reduction
  • Health and Safety inspections along with testing
  • Primary heating systems inspection for repair or replacement
  • AC inspections for repair or replacement
  • Knob and tube removal
  • Insulation installation

**The Home Weatherization Assistance Program is not an EMERGENCY program**

**The Home Weatherization Assistance Program does not replace roofs. install storm windows/doors, prime windows/doors, paint houses, remove water or mold, or install siding or spouting**

Services are determined by an inspection of the structure by our certified Energy Auditors to determine which Energy Conservation Measures/HW AP services the home may be qualified to receive.

MY CAP will not be able to provide services if the house has any of the following issues:

  • A roof that is leaking and needs major repairs or replaced
  • weak or sagging ceilings that cannot withstand insulation installation, and the same for walls
  • home renovations or rehab
  • major plumbing issues
  • major pest infestation
  • mold or mildew
  • code violation
  • house in foreclosure
  • house for sale
  • housekeeping issues

NOTE - There may be other issues that inspectors determine to defer a home

This program is available for homeowners and renters who meet the income eligibility guidelines of at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. Renters will need the cooperation of their landlords to participate in the program. To see HWAP Income guidelines go to: Development.ohio.gov and choose "For Individual" then "Energy Assistance" then" HW AP" or CTRL + this link

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