HEAP Continues at MYCAP

Water and Wastewater (sewer) Assistance Can be completed with the same appointment

Schedule your appointment by calling the appointment line --330-778-2992

If Not in status (shown below) for Winter Crisis then you must complete a HEAP application that are available for pick-up outside of our office.

Please use the HEAP Drop Box outside of the MYCAP Office to Submit your documents and or Application

The Ohio Development Services Agency and Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Partnership (MYCAP) will help income-eligible Ohioans stay warm during the winter months. The Home Energy Assistance Winter Crisis Program provides eligible Ohioans assistance if they are disconnected with their gas or electric, threatened with disconnection with the gas or the electric or if they have less than a 25 percent supply of bulk fuel or repair of a non-heating furnace. The program runs from November 1,2021 until March 31, 2022.

To apply for the program, clients are required to schedule an appointment with MYCAP.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling 330-778-2992.  A walk-in option is offered at 2pm Monday through Thursday and schedules for our next business day if appointments are being made available for our next business day. Walk-ins are those needing assistance to transfer service, new service or reconnect, bulk fuel customers or those whose PIPP reverification has passed. Electric reconnect customers would need to pay the $35.00 reconnect fee and provide the receipt or confirmation number. 

Those needing water/wastewater assistance should use the walk-in option. Assistance for Water/Wastewater (sewer) is provided for those with a disconnection notice, transferring service, reconnecting service or getting new service.

Bulk Fuel customers with a 25% or less supply do need to schedule using the walk-in option as we are doing phone interviews to process the application. If unable to schedule using the walk-in option call the office at 330-747-7921 if less than a 25% supply to get a phone interview scheduled.

Clients need to provide copies of the following documents:

  • Photo ID for everyone 18 and older
  • Copies of their most recent energy bills, Pending Account Numbers or Bulk Fuel Bill
  • A list of all household members and proof of income for the last 30 days or 12 months for each member;
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency for all household members; actual social security cards, birth certificate, passport, voter registration, permanent visa, naturalization papers
  • Proof of disability (if applicable);
  • Social Security number verification for all household members

Reminder: A ONE-time hold can be placed per utility with a Winter Crisis Appointment provided the Winter Reconnect Order has not been used with that utility.

Last year more than $254,066.00.00 was spent to assist more than 1,350 families in Mahoning County with the Home Energy Assistance Winter Crisis Program. Eligible households can receive up to $175.000 if they are a client of a regulated utility, or $750.00 if they are a client of unregulated utilities such as electric cooperatives and municipal utilities. The assistance is applied to their utility bill or to home owner’s furnace non-heating repairs. Ohioans must have a gross income at or below 175 percent of the federal poverty guidelines to qualify for assistance.

For more information about the features of the Winter Crisis Program, contact MYCAP at 330-747-7921.For more information about Energy Assistance Programs call (800)282-0880, Monday through Friday (hearing impaired clients may dial 711 for assistance) and for a list of Energy Assistance Providers select option 2, or visit www.energyhelp.ohio.gov.

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