Community Action Month

Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

Thoughts of James B. Collier

MYCAP Weatherization Inspector/QCI

 What Weatherization Means to Mahoning County Residents

There are truly residents in need of our services that without these their living conditions would be unsafe and/or unhealthy. So, we know when talking with the customers during the initial and final inspections of their weatherization jobs, the health and safety, and air leakage problems would not be addressed if not for weatherization services. Especially that of senior residents as they live on limited incomes. Our services, such as furnace repair or replacement, hot water tanks, insulation, and updating electrical panels are services that help eases the energy burdens of our community with the hopes other monthly expenses can be met. So, what is rewarding to us is the appreciation of those we help. 


(Energy Conservation Measures are determined by the inspectors based on what is required at each individual home)

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