Message from Board Chair 

Dr. Ben McGee

The Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Partnership is committed to addressing the issues and needs of those Mahoning County residents who are living in and struggling with the impact of poverty; while at the same time assisting those same Mahoning County residents in their efforts to move from dependence to self-sufficiency. MYCAP has developed a vision, and mission statement that supports the aforementioned commitment. The Board, the Executive Director and agency employees use the vision and mission statements as guides for the agency’s actions and interactions with clients, funders and other stakeholders to insure fidelity in programming and operation.

The MYCAP Board of Directors is committed to the work of sustaining and growing the agency. Over the past year, the Board demonstrated its commitment to MYCAP by investing more hours and resources than would normally be the case for a community action board. Veteran board members and newly appointed board members have agreed to serve on numerous committees, encouraged their constituents to support MYCAP's efforts and have continued to educate themselves relative to MYCAP’s operational structure. The MYCAP board has equal representation from private, political and low-income sectors of the Mahoning / Youngstown community. This representation is designed to be inclusive and diverse; thus providing the opportunity for persons from the three referenced sectors to provide, input and advocacy to the MYCAP program and operational structure.

In closing, I would like to thank the Executive Director, Shelia Triplett, for her skills, knowledge, commitment and strength during this past year. Shelia has committed an inordinate amount of time to agency operation and structure. She has ambitious and positive intents for the agency.

The Board of Directors is committed to providing the agency with the necessary support to sustain MYCAP’s current scope of work, while supporting MYCAP in its efforts and intents to provide scale and innovation in future programming and services.

Dr. Ben McGee, E.D.

MYCAP Board Chair